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Ultra-Guard Fabric Protection | Los Angeles Service Center


4224 Lyceum Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90066 United States
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4224 Lyceum Avenue Los Angeles



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Ultra-Guard, the Interior Designers' Choice for Fabric Protection and Furniture Protection, offers the only on-site stain guard nanotech for upholstery and carpets in Los Angeles, California. This includes Beverly Hills, San Fernando and Burbank. The Ultra-Guard formula called STAIN FREE contains an ultra-violet inhibitor to reduce sun fade on furniture and rugs. STAIN FREE is not a temporary Scotchgard application and does not contain silicone. It will not alter the fabric's color or feel and it is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the fabric. STAIN FREE is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and safe for kids and pets.




Client Reviews

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Mark Weiner

Fabric Protection in Los Angeles, California

Timely work and did extra detail per our request.

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Los Angeles, CA Fabric Protection

Showed up on time. Performed the service very well in a relatively short time. Very nice and helpful person.

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Kim Ferlic

Fabric Protection in Los Angeles, CA

Looking forward to being at ease with the Ultra Guard protection on my furniture pieces. Staff is pleasant to deal with are very professional. I would highly recommend.

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Jess Slater

Los Angeles, California Fabric Protection

Ultra Guard Protection works like a charm! My client already had a couple incidents with her two little ones and they came out right away, thanks to the fabric protection. We are using on almost every soft material in the house. Customer service is also lovely and easy to work with. Will be using a lot moving forward. CHeers!

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