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Audiologist in Osseo, Minnesota


Hearing Health Clinic


512 Central Ave
Osseo Minnesota 55369
United States


(763) 657-0675

You know how frustrating it is to live with hearing loss. Tolerating noise or keeping up with others in a conversation can be a major challenge. Most of us think about hearing loss as an issue with our ears, and most audiologists tend to treat it that way. When your ears don't hear as they should, this can also affect your brain. We've discovered a better way.

We can determine the exact cause of your hearing loss and provide a treatment that is effective. It's time to treat your hearing loss from the ear all the way to the brain.


About Osseo

Osseo ( AH-see-oh) is a small city in Hennepin County, Minnesota, United States. As of the 2020 census it had a population of 2,688.It is said that "Osseo" derives from the Ojibwe name waaseyaa meaning "there is light" (more commonly translated as "Son of the Evening Star"). Henry Wadsworth Longfellow mentions Osseo in his poem The Song of Hiawatha. == Geography == Osseo is in northeastern Hennepin County, bordered by Brooklyn Park to the east and Maple Grove to the west. It has an area of 0.73 square miles (1.9 km2), all land.There are three main transportation routes in the city.



Client Reviews

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Lea James

hearing aids

Clean healthy facility and Dr Heidi was in no hurry to fix me up with new hearing aids. She went through the whole setup with me and took extra care in explaining my hearing loss to me. Dawn was gracious to us also which helped with the nervous jitters and ready to make a follow up appointment for me. I wholeheartedly recommend this clinic.

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Beverlee Tramontin


I have been to more than my fair share of audiologists in the past, but the doctor and the staff at the Hearing Health Clinic were by far the best I've ever dealt with. They were knowledgeable, friendly, and above all else, they were patient with me so when I left I knew what was wrong with me and how they could help me. I highly recommend them.

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Al Bipes

hearing professional

I have worn hearing instruments for more then ten years. It is of course important to buy quality instruments. In my opinion it is FAR MORE important to engage a well trained and conscientious hearing professional for the testing, fitting and adjustment of those instruments. This service, the most important part of the process. is where Hearing Health Clinic excels. When I hear what other people encounter and the difficulties they experience, I am so glad that the people at HHC are my hearing professionals!

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Jamie Soper


I am an Audiology graduate student and have worked at Hearing Health clinic for the last six months. I have had such a positive experience working with the team at Hearing Health Clinic. Dr. Heidi has an excellent relationship with her patients and takes as much time as she needs to help solve their hearing concerns. Shes knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated to her patients' hearing health. She has all the tools and equipment to maintain and fine tune hearing aids to each individual patient. I love the small-town service she provides. I would recommend Hearing Health Clinic to anyone who strives for better hearing and desires to improve their ability to communicate.

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Court Taft

hearing aids

I wish I would have done this years ago! I love my Widex devices. From the minute I walked into the clinic I felt like I was among friends. The whole staff: Dr. Heidi, Jamie, Mary and Wendy treated my with respect and courtesy. Heidi worked with me to quickly deliver my hearing aids, and worked with my insurance to offer me a financial solution I could live with. I worried about the way I would look wearing hearing aids, but it's been since Thanksgiving and only one person has noticed: my daughter happened to be standing behind my shoulder and noticed the clear tube going into my ear. Even my wife had to have them pointed out to her on the day I got them. I don't have to have the TV turned up as loudly as I did and conversations are not interrupted by my constantly saying "what" . Turns out the world is a noisy place! Thanks again Hearing Health clinic! I'm a very satisfied and grateful customer.

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